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    Welcome to Rapid Appraisal Ordering Service, an Appraisal Management Company. We are currently doing business in California with plans to expand throughout the Western United States.  

    Here at RAO Services we use your legacy appraisal roster to fulfill your appraisal needs. Unlike other AMCs who refuse to pay appraisers a "Reasonable and Customary Fee" and then use any appraiser who will accept the fee they are offering, at RAO Services we understand that you aren't just buying a piece of paper with numbers on it; you are buying the knowledge and expertise that goes into writing that report.  You want to be confident when you submit the appraisal that it will stand up to the scrutiny it will be under. 

    So if you've reached your breaking point, and you're tired of paying a huge fee to a middle man who will hire a discount appraiser, you've come to the right place. We pay appraisers their full fee and charge a $75 fee per order to maintain the appraiser roster, manage orders, review reports, and keep you Dodd-Frank compliant.

Note to appraisers: Since we use the lenders' legacy rosters, we are unfortunately unable to open our lists to all appraisers who would like to join. However, if you have former clients who are using AMCs that aren't paying "Reasonable and Customary Fees" and who aren't satisfied with the service they are receiving, point them our direction. Let us help you recapture the business you've lost.
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